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Renewable energy manufacturer hacked

By Reporter
23 November 2021 | 1 minute read

Vestas announced that elements within the company’s internal IT infrastructure was penetrated, with data confirmed to have been compromised.

Denmark-based renewable energy provider Vestas has announced that the company’s internal IT systems were penetrated on the 19th of November, with the data confirmed to have been compromised.

While the investigation as to the cause of the cyber attack is still ongoing, Vestas announced that there is no evidence of the penetration impacting third-party operations. Vestas elaborated, describing third-party operations as being customer and supply chain operations.


In response to the penetration, the company has shut down several IT systems though the company’s manufacturing, construction and service teams continued to work.

Cyber security specialists and businesses have however vented their frustration, citing a lack of communications from the company.

Around the world, critical civilian infrastructure has been targeted by cyber gangs.

In early November, Cyber Security Connect reported that Sunwater, one of Queensland’s largest water suppliers, fell victim to a nine-month-long cyber security attack.

Throughout the hack, analysts believe that the cyber criminals placed files on the organisation’s web server to drive traffic to an alternative website.

The confirmation of the attack came as Queensland’s Auditor-General released a report detailing the vulnerabilities of the state’s water infrastructure to potential cyber attacks.

“We continue to identify significant control weaknesses in the security of information systems. All entities must have strong security practices to protect against fraud or error and significant reputational damage,” the report read.

Speaking to an ABC reporter, a Sunwater spokesperson confirmed that no personal data had been taken and that the organisation was in the process of improving their security protocols.

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Renewable energy manufacturer hacked
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