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Daniel Harding
22 Apr 2021
Op-Ed: Is your contact centre a weak link in your cyber security chain?
It’s Privacy Awareness Week in early May – an opportune time to make sure your contact centre isn’t a candidate for an expensive and damaging da...
Anthony Daniel
15 Apr 2021
Op-Ed: Why you need to take a deep, layered approach to IT security
In today’s highly digitised business world, cyber criminals are spoilt for choice when it comes to gaining access to a target corporate network. ...
15 Apr 2021
Op-Ed: Ransomware increases its impact through double extortion attacks
Of all the cyber threats currently facing Australian businesses, one of the most feared is ransomware. By introducing malware into an IT infrastructur...
7 Apr 2021
Op-Ed: Why recent cyber security breaches shine a spotlight on Active Directory
Jim Cook, ANZ regional director at Attivo Networks, examined how cyber criminals are using Active Directory for up to 80 per cent of recent cyber att...
31 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Ransomware v humanware
Ding! Ding! The prize fight for business data is about to begin. Costing businesses an estimated $20 billion last year, ransomware is getting ready to...
25 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Can we trust user login credentials anymore? A solution exists with behavioural biometrics
In a recent Australian survey, 15 per cent of respondents reported they were a victim of cyber crime during the pandemic with 65 per cent of the respo...
25 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Securing healthcare data as threat of ransomware grows
While cyber criminals promised to stop ransomware attacks on healthcare providers during the pandemic, it never really happened. ...
18 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: When cyber crime went from fun to financially driven
A brief history of computer malware: from fun to money hungry. ...
11 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Often overlooked, accounts receivables are the next cyber security frontline
Hackers have been in the news nonstop through COVID. This trend was already on the rise, but it dramatically accelerated as a result of economic and b...
11 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Why locking down your own enterprise won’t keep cyber attackers at bay in 2021
In today’s hyper-connected digital business landscape, supply chain attacks are a very real risk for Australian companies that don’t embrace new p...
4 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Could remote work be the answer to your cyber security skills shortage?
A lack of professionals with cyber security expertise has been a longstanding dilemma within Australian organisations for many years. This has been ex...
3 Mar 2021
Op-Ed: Why cyber criminals want to hijack your private conversations
When it comes to IT security, most people are well aware of the traditional ways in which cyber criminals go about their work. ...
25 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Take control of identity security in the cloud
The past year has seen the massive acceleration of digital transformation initiatives in Australia to support the new hybrid work reality we’ve foun...
25 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Using decoys to protect against ransomware attacks
One of the most potentially destructive IT security threats faced by Australian businesses is ransomware. Cyber criminals infiltrate IT infrastructure...
18 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Why effective IT security isn’t possible without detection and recovery capabilities
The number and severity of cyber attacks being experienced by Australian companies continued to increase throughout 2020, and there are worrying signs...
18 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Cyber risk is corporate risk
There are two types of companies – those who’ve been hit by ransomware, and those who haven’t… ...
11 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Protecting data in the cloud is a shared responsibility
In the era before cloud computing, enterprises could expect to be responsible for securing everything—the systems in the data centre, their applicat...
8 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: The number one cyber threat Aussie businesses face in 2021
Hackers are getting smarter and stealthier, and so must Australian businesses if they hope to avoid disruption and data compromise. ...
2 Feb 2021
Op-Ed: Why SSL encryption is not as secure as you might think
It’s been a mainstay of internet security for more than 25 years, but experts are warning that Secure Sockets Layer encryption is not providing the ...
29 Jan 2021
Op-Ed: Six reasons you should dump your VPN in 2021
Mark Lukie from Barracuda Networks casts doubt over the dependability of VPNs in today’s digital environment. ...

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Apr 22 2021
acthTIS announces new ventures in EMEA market
The ASX-listed cyber security company has secured new deals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ...
Daniel Harding
Apr 22 2021
Op-Ed: Is your contact centre a weak link in your cyber security chain?
It’s Privacy Awareness Week in early May – an opportune time to make sure your contact centre is...
Apr 22 2021
Op-Ed: Keep your application’s secrets protected
The SolarWinds digital supply chain attack began by compromising the “heart” of the CI/CD pipeli...
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